[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2004-06-07 at 1759.17 +0200):
> calling the convolution matrix plug in and scripts to preset it a simple 
> replacement ?

Well, what would you call a script that just puts a menu entry and
calls convolution matrix with a fixed matrix?

> Please rephrase that to a powerful replacement that can be used by the 
> more then average(new) gimp user.
> Would this mean having a script-fu menu entry fill convolution matrix 
> for : blur/sharpen/edge detect etc. 

Those already exists. The ones I got have some extra controls, but
nothing disallows making no dialog versions.

> 2. when using the randomize option the preview makes no "real" sense 
> since by nature you'll never get twice the same result.

Depends how the code is done, using pseudo random and taking into
account 2d coord it should provide repeatable results.

> 4. If a bigger blur is needed use the gausian blur instead of repeating.

They are different things, though, box vs guassian.

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