On Mon, Jun 07, 2004 at 06:16:47PM +0200, Ellen Reitmayr wrote:
> Hi,
> [this is a response to both jimmac and sven]
> Selection shortcuts:
> --------------------
> No, I didn't know that there is a difference between the modifiers
> pressed when you start to create the selection and the modifiers you
> press while adjusting the selection - it's really very powerful and
> should not be lost. 
> However, it's hard to learn... As I wrote in response to Simon, studies
> have shown that only few users actually read the docs - especially if
> it's about something that seems to be simple, such as selection modes.
> For such users, it is likely to happen that they will not understand the
> concept without any hints (just as me and the users I tested 8-)), and
> we/they should be supported in a way!

my friend got photoshop7.  the documentation was difficult to find.  i
was not able to make it work like TheGIMP.  the web site did not help
nor did the photoshop tutorials i was able to find.

my friend also needed me to do all the things gimp-1.0 could do.

if you need an application designed for people who do not need
documentation, i dont know if TheGIMP is the best application to use or
if functionality should be lost for these people.  other people spending
actual money for less dont get it.

is there an example of a software application that is as simple as you
are needing that also has this functionality?

my gimp-1.2 only cost me about $55 for two excellent books (that were
both available freely online -- almost) and was actually able to out
perform photoshop from the get go in fullfilling simple users needs.

it seems like a comparison in ease of actual fullfilling of users needs 
is more informative.

also, i am very sorry that suse's need for a "pretty desktop" interfered
with gimps functionality.  if you actually use this app, the desktop
takes second place in the list of importance.  suse had fairly limited
people involved with actual gimp experience.  and even those people
failed some ease of use tests, in my opinion.

thanks again for taking all of this time to review TheGIMP.  once again
i am curious about samples personal projects of yours that you used
TheGIMP for.  having actual ideas and needs for graphics tends to make
the gimp make more sense, in my experience.


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