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Rodrigo Severo <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

On the other side, I believe gimp should be able to use just the indicated fontconfig installation. I'm setting the following variables on gimp configuration and still can't compile gimp:


To resume the situation, I believe that both the Conectiva
distribution is wrong (it should have separate packages for fontconfig
and xft) and gimp configure/compile process is wrong (it should be
enough to set the proper variables and get it compile itself using the
indicated library).

Could this fix, if really considered proper, be included in gimp ASAP?

You didn't suggest a fix for GIMP

Yes, I did. As it seems there is some doubt about, let me try to make it clearer:

My suggested fix is to make gimp use the indicated (through the proper variables) fontconfig library no matter which other versions I might have installed.

Right now I need two different fontconfig versions installed in my system:

1. the outdated packaged one many packages of my distribution rely on AND

2. the updated 2.2.0 one the new pango, gtk+ and gimp need.

and actually there is nothing to fix in GIMP

We might both agree that there is or there isn't something to fix in Gimp, or we might not agree. That's entirely other point.

I sincerely believe that the flexibility of choosing between several different versions of the same library installed at different points is desirable (generaly speaking) and is a common "feature" the entire GNU compiling sytem (configure, make and all) try to implement.

I believe that there is some problem on gimp because apparently the info provided by pkg-config about my chosen fontconfig installation isn't enough to direct gimp to the proper header files.

since the problem is entirely on your harddisk. All you need
to do is to remove the offending header from the include search patch
of the compiler.

I can do it, I have done when I compiled gimp 2.0.0. I decided to try to help implement the above mentioned library-version-chosing flexibility. I believe that's usefull. I believe it's reasonabily easy to implement.

I might be wrong. I have been before.

Thanks again for your attention,

Rodrigo Severo

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