Sven Neumann wrote: 
> So the question is, is anyone actually using this
> functionality? Are there scripts out there that rely on
> plug-in-blur-randomize to be available?

Christopher Curtis wrote:
> Is it possible to remove the dialog without removing the options?

Yes, it is possible, that's why Sven asked the question.  The
options don't have any obvious utility, though (repeat blurring
is nothing more than a very slow way of producing a Gaussian
blur), so there does not seem to be any good reason for keeping
the options unless deleting them will break something that 
already exists.

> Also, I skimmed the bug report, which was initially about a preview.
> Another random thought (based on my previous 'impossible' one: Does it
> seem possible to make a 'fixed' preview area somewhere (maybe in the
> layers dialog?) that all plugins have access to, instead of
> reimplementing each one?  Then maybe have this preview area call into
> the plugin to update itself when the user interacts with it? 

This could be done with some cleverness, but I would oppose it on
the grounds that the preview should be as near as possible to the 

  -- Bill

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