>From:  Sven Neumann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>If you are still using GIMP 1.2.3 then we don't want to hear from you
>on the gimp-developer list. Update to 2.0 (at least) or keep quiet.

Hey, I just wanted to point out what usability problems we users have.

Those who are willing to check it. Open two images. Open color levels
dialogs for both images. What do you have?


Can GIMP be scripted to automatically open images, test out tools, move
pointer, draw, and take screenshots about that all? I would then
check out from screenshots how the tools work without having to take
a look at the code or to make always difficult installations at every
turn (I get new GIMP when I install new Linux dist).

Such script could be generated by recording actions. When new tools
are coded, their usage is recorded to the script. The script could
also be used to verify that the installations went ok.

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