I was very thankful for Greg writing somethink like I self 
could have written (allthough with less good and nice wording),
therfor I want to show some support.

On Sat, Jun 12, 2004 at 07:41:49AM -0700, Carol Spears wrote:
> i took on a project that no one wanted to do for the gimp.  everyone
> whose opinions i was representing near to the end of this project were
> more important to me than the one or two people who destroyed it.
> my project was destroyed (the gimp web site for the users) by a man
> making decisions about what information users need who has, to the best
> of my knowledge, not even on the gimp-user mail list.

I don't see the connection to your recent posts. What gives you the 
right to write such negative, troublemaking, prtly irrational  posts 
(that are extremely hard to parse btw) on a public list?

And you wrote about protecting some people. I wonder who's going to 
protect people from you?
> perhaps if you reseached the issues, asked some of the original
> developers what the deal is you would write something both unpleasant
> and factual about me.

Most people wnat to be understood (even by broader audience).
But you require research?

> until then, you are being unpleasant and unfactual.  

Unpleasant and in some way even unfactual was limited to posts
from you Carol, IMHO.

Thorsten Wilms
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