On Sat, Jun 12, 2004 at 09:09:26AM -0700, Carol Spears wrote:

I don't care for your stress and bitterness, especialy 
since you show no understanding for other people in 
your recent posts at all.

I'm not interested in your respect.

I do not have to show contributions, because it's 
you who keeps making noise. Besides devs on many 
lists have an open ear for suggestions and not 
previously answered questions without asking for 
Those that do the actual work, AFAIK, are pretty 
relaxed, while you are radiating pure negativity.

RTFM, remember volunteer work, ignorance is all ok 
with me. But even just following the list is not exactly 
fun, because of what you pulled of with Ellen, and 
are continuing in some way here.

And how many people have to ask you to change your ways?
(Even Sven asked you to stop regarding Ellen)

You keep making negative remarks about devs, are 
disrespectful to anyone else.

If you see it as your job to keep people you aparently 
think of as idiots busy, then I know what I have to do 
now. You are the very first person I will filter out 
from mail (you are already the first person receiving 
something personal from me on a list).

Sorry to anyone else, I will shut up now.
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