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From: Frank Rehberger <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Subject: Caravan:  Karlsruhe -> Hamburg -> Kristiansand


we (2 guys from Berlin and 3 from Hamburg) are travelling from LinuxTag
by train to Hamburg on Saturday (June 26th) evening. We continue
travelling by car from Hamburg to GUADEC.
Seats in car are vacant.

You are welcome to join us in train
from Karlsruhe to Hamburg at 26th June:

departure Karlsruhe: 19:01 ICE-502
arrival   Mannheim:  19:24

departure Mannheim: 19:31, ICE-592
arrival   Göttingen: 21:58

departure Göttingen: 22:03 ICE-782
arrival   Hamburg: 00:06

total time: 5 hours

Next day in the morning we continue travelling by car from Hamburg to 
Kristiansand to GUADEC, taking ferry from Hiltshals to Kristiansand.

Seats in car are vacant:
27.6. Hamburg->Hiltshals->Kristiansand: 2 seats vacant
1.7.  Kristiansand->Hiltshals->Hamburg->Berlin: 1 seat vacant.
costs for gas and ferry will be shared.

If you want to join the caravan, give me a note.

Regards, Frank

Frank Rehberger <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
GNOME Deutschland

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