I'll comment on this one here since I cannot attend the GimpCon.

Splitting up as discussed on the mailinglist before:

1.  a completely passive widget that has no other function then to
visualize a preview image.

    See bugzilla   http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=144759.
    The API for this one should only contain some primitive functions.
    And could almost be a drop-in replacement for GtkPreview.
    This goal should also be fairly easy be reached before next milestone.

2. a more actively involved preview widget would have that uses the first widget
and has the basic navigation lets say horizontal and vertical scroll bars.

    Reaching a consensus on how this should be accomplished shouldn't be
    that hard as is the implementation. 
    Probaly can also be reached before next milestone.
Question to ask : How much plugin-in's are covered with this functionality?

3. Other more advanced fearues : 
   Here I think there are different opinions all driven by the key 
   factors speed / accuracy and type of image. The choice for this 
   should IMO be made for each plugin seperatly. 
   Compromising here is not a good option.
   I'll try to give some arguments.
   - Computer generated images have more likely larger parts with the
   same pixel values then photograhic images so I would say the plugin's 
   for the first should not be as accurate (risk of beeing flamed). 
   - Stuff like overall collor correction can be done on a scaled down
   version of the image to gain speed in the preview. 
   - Sharpening should be done at the unscaled version of a image since
   rescaling it would render the sharpening useless. 
   - Blurring is kind of a problem with small radius this act's more
   like sharpening while with a large radiuses it's more an overall 

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