[EMAIL PROTECTED] (Scott Griffith at ISES-LLC) writes:

> The only way I've found of imitating the old Gimp behavior is to
> tediously "merge down" the newly created layer after each item is
> entered- a very, very painful and extremely time consuming process
> when working with extremely large files (each merge takes 25-30
> seconds in the file I'm currently working with).
> Is there a workaround? Failing that, can this be regarded as a plea
> for a backwards compatible render-to-active-layer mode in the
> Preferences (or tool options) for those few of us users who actually
> liked it (and depended on it!) the old braindead way it was?

I don't think there's a workaround expect "Merge Down". I am surprised
that you are saying that "Merge Down" takes considerable time. You
should be able to bind a keybinding to it and have it done rather
fast. May I ask how large your images are and what average size of
text layers you are working with? I am also interested in what
tile-cache size you configured since I wonder if perhaps GIMP is
working on the swap file if it's that slow for you.

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