Wolfgang Mader wrote:
> I have read that one is able to use the library with the imagemanipultion
> funktions of gimp in a standalone application. What do I need to read/learn
> to take advance of this funktionalities? I have never coded gimp realted
> things. 

The functions in libgimp almost all work by sending commands to a running 
instance of the gimp application and receiving data in return, so it is
impossible to use the functions in libgimp without having the gimp core
running on the system. 

However, gimp plug-ins are standalone applications in a sense.  They are
started by the gimp core and controlled by it, but they are separate
executables that can create any sort of user interface they want, and
execute any C code they want.

The best way to learn about Gimp plug-ins is to read the relevant
material at http://developer.gimp.org.  Particularly useful as a
starting point is this overview:


  -- Bill

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