Christoph Lutz wrote:

> As I didn't know how to set up all the automake/autoconfigure-stuff, I 
> temporary simply changed the  CC-Variable in the  <plugin>/src/Makefile, 
> but this is insufficient, I guess... Could you please give me some 
> hints, how to change the compiler in the plugin-templates 
> configure/automake-files, so that I could pack and release my plugin?

The key file here is It contains the line


which will make the (resulting) "configure" script search for a C compiler. 
gcc is indeed the C compiler (dispite the somewhat misleading name), while 
the C++ compiler is called "g++".

I have recently worked with the gimp-plugin-template myself and found it quite 
useful, so feel free to e-mail me if you have questions, or take a look at 
the "magiceye" plug-in (in the registry) to see how I have done it.

Best regards,
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