> > (define (blur-file) (set! return "blur.png"))
> >
> > but that would not (really?) allow constructs like:
> >
> > file_for_blur: blur.png
> > file_for_blur:
> > blur_changed_my_mind_use_this_instead_but_keep_other_too.png
> > file_for_blur: use_yet_another.png
> You mean like (define blur-file "blur.png")?

Yes exactly - I do not know how this would turn out in Gimp-Scheme (and 
especially of course in versions to come):

(define blur-file "blur.png")
(define blur-file "otherblur.png")

Different versions of Scheme handle this differently. I do not know if this is 
proper Gimp-scheme (re-defining a defined variable), or if one would have to 
use set! for the second definition/assignment. Incidently, no script-fu seems 
to make use of global variables, only of local let* - environments.

Perhaps (define ...) is equivalent to (set! ...) here?

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