Hi Soren,

Soren Hauberg wrote:
> I'd like to be able to read and write this kind of images in gimp, but 
> how do I get started?

I did a presentation on writing plug-ins in GUADEC - *very* basic
but there is a sample plug-in included. The paper is online at

> I guess I have to write a plugin but the docs a rather outdated (at 
> least the ones I can find). Any hints on how to get started would be 
> appreciated.

Your best bet, once you know the basics of a plug-in, is to pick
an existing file plug-in that does a simple format. The one I
usually reccommend is pnm - in the GIMP sources, this is in
plug-ins/common/pnm.c. This is good because it shows the basics
of saving and writing an image without having the overhead of
using a 3rd party library, or having file format overhead


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