one of the things we discussed last week at GIMPCon was planning the
2.2 release. I didn't take notes from our discussions but I will try
to summarize the results and will also try to be more specific when it
comes to the features we'd like to see in 2.2.

We agreed that 2.2 will take some more time and decided to set a date
for a final feature freeze by the end of August. Since I was actually
in favor of an earlier date I plan to be very strict about this date.
Any feature that isn't basically finished by the end of August will
have to be backed out for the 2.2 release. We'd like to know about all
features that people are working on before the end of July. Do not
expect us to accept larger patches that introduce completely new
features close to the feature freeze at the 31th of August. This
schedule gives everyone four weeks to announce their plans and eight
weeks to finish them.

Since the tree is currently rather stable and we don't expect that to
change during the next weeks, we hope to be able to flush out
remaining bugs rather quickly and aim to release GIMP 2.2 by the end
of September.

When 2.2 is out, we'd like to invite all GIMP developers to help on
bringing GEGL to a state where we can start to use it from GIMP (and
other apps). This will slow down GIMP development for a while but we
need to finally make the move towards GEGL.

There's a lot more to say about GIMPCon but I will try to do that in
separate mails in an attempt to keep the discussion focused on a
particular topic. So stay tuned for more mails to come during the next

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