Brion Vibber <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> > The easiest way to test is to use a second instance of GIMP. Another
> > application that is known to work is the word-processor Abiword.
> Thanks, it seems to be working on the X11 side. I do sometimes get
> what looks like an RGBA/ARGB mixup copying from Abiword to Gimp
> though; I'll try to isolate that and report the bug to the guilty
> party... :P

I've seen that as well. I suspect it's the GIMP code that still
assumes that a GimpBuffer is always RGBA while the clipboard code
happily passes it a RGB tile-manager if the PNG data doesn't have an
alpha channel. I am just not sure where this would best be fixed. We
need to either remove that assumption or add an alpha channel when
converting the pixbuf to a tile-manager.

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