Tor Lillqvist <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Sven Neumann writes:
>  > What is the state of support for the GDK clipboard in the win32
>  > backend?
> For the *GDK* clipboard only cut&paste of text is supported. The
> winclipboard plug-in uses the Windows clipboard directly. 
>  > Michael reported that he can't even copy and paste image data
>  > from one GIMP instance to the other on Win32. Would that be supposed
>  > to work?
> Yes it does work. (Although I now notice that it always copies the
> whole drawable to the Windows clipboard, not just the selection as one
> would expect).

I was actually asking about the newly added support for the system
clipboard which is supposed to obsolete the winclipboard plug-in.
Well, you basically answered that above. So the answer is that it is
_not_ supposed to work :( This is rather unfortunate. When I started
to implement the GDK clipboard functionality I was hoping there was
better support for it in the win32 GDK backend.

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