Sven Neumann ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> (1) Is Tiny-Fu supposed to run scripts written for Script-Fu? If so,
>     will this be some kind of compatibility layer or perhaps just a
>     script that helps to convert old scripts?

There are a few small differences between Tiny-Scheme and SIOD, some
of them are listed on the webpage.

Tiny-Fu will not run the same scripts as Script-Fu, since SIOD allows
some dirty tricks that are not nice. The most evil thing (that gets
fixed by Tiny-Fu) is the use of (set! ) on a not yet defined variable.

Some scripts do that kind of stuff and there even were some bugs
in the Scripts because of this. These Scripts need to become sanitized
to be able to run under the new Scheme interpreter.

There are some other differences, but I am not exactly sure about their
consequences. Some might be hidden by some small helper functions, I
am however not sure if this is desireable.


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