On Wednesday 07 July 2004 19:41, Chamal De Silva wrote:
> Hi,
> I am completly new to GIMP development. And I would like to be a gimp
> developer.
> Please give me information on the following quetion.
> 1. What is the programming language used to develop gimp.

Most of the GIMP is written in ANSI C. Furthermore, it uses several libraries 
and conventions whose use in the code is considered mandatory:


There are also some scripts (either code maintenance scripts or GIMP scripts) 
that are written in Perl, Python, Scheme, etc.

> 2. What are the tools and compilers that i need to compile gimpe source
> code. 

I believe GIMP can be compiled with most modern ANSI C compilers. gcc should 
do, but you can also use Microsoft Visual C++. Depending on your platform, 
you may also need other tools. It would be a good idea to tell us where you 
intend to work on. A Linux or a *BSD system are recommended.

> 3. What is the latest version of GIMPs source code. 

Well, the latest stable version is 2.0.2. If you want to contribute to its 
development, you'll probably wish to use the development branch instead. The 
latest unstable release is 2.1.1. An even more up-to-date release can be 
found in the CVS repository (CVS being a version-control system). 

You can find information on this here:


Note that the anonymous CVS is updated from the read-write CVS repository 
every 12 hours, so very recent changes may not be visible in it.


        Shlomi Fish


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