Brion Vibber <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Also, the RSS changelog (http://wilber.gimp.org/~rss/gimp-cvs.rdf) has
> links to the GNOME bonsai on cvs.gnome.org which are all dead
> links. The only thing running on cvs.gnome.org seems to be viewcvs,
> which does at least seem to be more up to date than anon cvs, and
> diffs can be dug out of it.
> Would it be possible to fix the RSS changelog to point at viewcvs,
> which works, instead of bonsai, which doesn't?

The URLs in the RSS originate from the cvs commit mails so this would
have to be fixed there. I'd also prefer to see Bonsai be restored
since it offers a lot more functionality than viewcvs. Someone please
bug the gnome cvs masters about this.


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