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David Neary wrote:

So say I open an image with a color profile, and then load a
second image with a different profile. If I now decide to do the
above, what do we do to the first image?

1) We stop using the profile for the first image (and if the
image window is open, this will obviously change the visual
representation of the image), but keep it attached to the image
so that we can re-save it with the image at save time

I think this is the best bet - disable the colour-management filter for any images that don't use the current working profile.

2) We stop using the profile and propose the dialog with the 4
options the next time the image is activated (basically allowing
us to change the working colorspace on demand, but this could get
annoying, I guess)

The easiest option is to provide a simple plugin that adds a couple of menu entries - for example:
Image -> Colour Management -> Convert to working profile
Image -> Colour Management -> Use as working profile

That sounds sane. I'm not quite sure how it would be implemented,
but it probably involves having a color profile parasite attached
to an image, with some kind of configuration parameter for the
working colorspace and the monitor profile.

I'm not 100% sure, but I think the TIFF plugin already attaches embedded profiles as a parasite, so they're preserved when the image is saved again. If so, we have a lead to follow!

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Alastair M. Robinson
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