At 06:00 AM 07/10/2004, Sven wrote:
Kevin Cozens <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> I don't really want a "compatibility"-switch. Instead, old Script-Fu
> scripts should be updated so they do things the way they are supposed
> to be done in Scheme rather than how the old SIOD interpreter let
> script writers get away with some things (ie. not defining
> variables).

I understand your reasons but a compatibility mode (if that is
feasible at all) would allow us to ditch Script-Fu in favor of
Tiny-Fu. If no such mode is available we will have to continue to ship
Script-Fu for quite a while.

Many (most?) of the needed changes between SIOD and TinyScheme could be handled via a set of additional define statements in a separate file included from the main TinyScheme init file. Handling the while loop should be possible but that requires a non-trivial Scheme define. All of these additional defines should be flagged in documentation as deprecated.

That just leaves the problem of variables used in a set! statement which are not defined before first use. Tiny-Fu displays an error message stating "unbound variable" along with the name of the variable when this situation is encountered. The solution is to add a line to the let block with the name of the variable in parenthesis (no initial value is required). A few of the standard Script-Fu scripts had a define that used set! but no let statement so a let had to be added first. I don't see how this can be handled automatically without a change to TinyScheme itself.

Script-Fu scripts written for GIMP 1.2 won't work under GIMP 2.x without some changes due mainly to differences in the API. In what version of GIMP would it be possible to have the compatibility features of Tiny-Fu removed?


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