Hi all!

I've had this idea going around my head for a while, and I was just going to ask if someone already had this idea (most probably), and if any work has been done or planned regarding this. I haven't been monitoring this list for very long, so this might be an old and already discarded idea. If that's the case, I apologize, and will withdraw to the rock from under which I came.. :)

The idea has been inspired by photoshop's effect layers, and the basic concept would be plugins that registers a new layer type. When sampled, the plugin is more or less simply executed, and the results are cached until any layer below the "programmable layer" has been modified. Layer modes and opacity are applied as if it was a normal layer, along with any layer mask.

Im not really familiar with the gimp source, and have mostly been doing script-fu stuff up until now. Perhaps this could be accomplished using a plugin? Or maybe it needs to be done in the core gimp source.

Does any one have any ideas or suggestions, as to why this might or might not work? Or possibly better solutions?

Thanks for your time.

Fredrik Alstromer.
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