Fredrik Alstromer ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> The idea has been inspired by photoshop's effect layers, and the basic 
> concept would be plugins that registers a new layer type. When sampled, 
> the plugin is more or less simply executed, and the results are cached 
> until any layer below the "programmable layer" has been modified. Layer 
> modes and opacity are applied as if it was a normal layer, along with 
> any layer mask.

Ideas similiar to this are floating around for quite a while now.
In the meantime there is a pretty clear proposal on how to implement
this. You may want to research about GEGL for more information.

I am not familiar with GEGL but I think dynamically adding new effect
layers was on the list of stuff that should be possible.

> Im not really familiar with the gimp source, and have mostly been doing 
> script-fu stuff up until now. Perhaps this could be accomplished using a 
> plugin? Or maybe it needs to be done in the core gimp source.

It definitely needs a new infrastructure - and there are lots of other
reasons to exchange the current infrastructure. GEGL is supposed to
solve the other problems as well.


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