On Tuesday 13 July 2004 06:24 am, Joseph Heled wrote:

> Your remark about "focus policy" sent me to the KDE control center - and
> yes, it is a focus problem of sorts. I was running with "focus strictly
> under mouse" (CC/Look & Feel/Window Behavior/Focus). When I Change that to
> "Click to Focus", the menu remains until the window focus is lost. Would
> you do me a favor and see under which policy you run and if you get the
> same problem if you switch to another policy? (actually all you have to do
> is to detach a menu and switch focus by clicking on another window).
> Still, the menu disappears after a focus lose and does not return. This can
> be either a KDE bug or GTK bug.

I have now tried both options ("focus strictly under mouse" and "click to 
focus") in KDE 3.2.3 without problems: I can tear off menus and they receive 
focus when under the mouse / I click on them (depending on the setting). They 
do not disappear magically. In short: works perfectly.

I consider it unlikely that we will easily find the exact cause of the problem 
(could be deep inside Qt), and even if we do, the fix could be non-trivial. 
Depending on how much you want working tear-off menus (beside other 
advantages of newer KDE versions), an update of KDE and/or Qt would therefore 
still seem to be the easiest way to fix the problem. For instance (assuming 
the worst possible outcome of an attempted KDE update), backing up my entire 
system and doing a complete re-install would cost me approximately 12 hours, 
maybe more, but not more than 15 hours. I guess that this is still nothing 
compared to locating the problem and fixing it, but I could of course be 
wrong (with both).

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