On Thursday 15 July 2004 02:25 pm, Shlomi Fish wrote:

> Another implementation of Scheme? Aren't the ones in:
> http://www.schemers.org/Documents/FAQ/#implementations
> enough? Or isn't any of them better suited as a starting point?

Please ask Tom, not me, because he is doing it, or visit his page for more 
information. His version could have advantages that others lack. Diversity is 
at most very rarely (never?) a drawback. Besides, I hear some people are 
implementing already available software just to see what it is like. There 
surely are thousands of other legitimate reasons why one would implement 
another version of Scheme.

> Do you mean that you're all the more for Arch to win?

No, I did not.

Each of the nominated projects is very good (see Dave's post for some details 
about the GIMP). The Arch - GIMP relation was a joke, if you don't mind. The 
fact remains that Tom's Pika Scheme has Unicode support, which TinyScheme 
lacks, so it could be worth a look.

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