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Announcing the second public release of a tarball for the Tiny-Fu plug-in for the 2.1 version of GIMP. The tarball must currently be hooked in to a copy of the GIMP 2.1.x source tree by using the supplied gimp.patch patch file. As of last night (Wednesday, July 14) the new tarball is available for download from the web page at:

Tiny-Fu is a plug-in for the 2.1 (and later) series of the GIMP. It is essentially a modified version of the Script-Fu plug-in but with some major differences. The main difference being the use of TinyScheme as its Scheme interpreter.

Changes since the July 1, 2004 release:
o Some minor changes and bug fixes to the main code.
o 64 of the 96 scripts originally from Script-Fu are working under Tiny-Fu.
o A set of Scheme-based definitions and routines has been added which provide some backwards compatibility with scripts written for the SIOD-based Script-Fu plug-in. Also included is a random number generator.
o The marshalling code was changed to use vectors for all PDB *ARRAY types. This simplifies the conversion of Script-Fu scripts to Tiny-Fu.
o A build of Tiny-Fu now compiles and installs the tsx run-time loadable extension for TinyScheme. This extension provides some time and additional file handling routines for scripts.


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