Hello lists,

So its been a little while since the GimpCon was and I was hoping to put
my ideas together a little better then I have them now but I will try to
explain the ideas that I have as good as possible.

New things:
* User-FAQ - This needs to be added to the website as soon as possible.
I do not think we have problems with questions but problems with how to
design the FAQ.

However at the moment I think it would be really good to clean the old
old FAQ and add questions that reflects on 2.0. Rockwlrs and I spoke
about this a little at GimpCon because I knew that he has been working
with the questions before. 

* Documentation - Is needed to provide users and developers with the new
documentation, we also need to have the different languages on the
website. This should be able to be done by using some sort of script or
buildsystem for the documentation. 

Anyone that has any good ideas about how to do this in a really good way
so that we can update it easily? 
And so that the languages gets updated also? Maybe be able to update
language by language also?

Website style:
* Hidding submenus - The menu is starting to grow and it would be good
to make it hide some of the submenus. As soon as you enter the main
section of the link you click on, the submenus will appear. This might
help a little in improving the view also to where you are in the menu.

This idea also gives us a little problem, the menus need to be named in
a way that is understandable and straightforward to the user. Example:

  '-> Tutorials

Having Documentation as the main section name is not really telling me
that "here you can get a lot of different help" instead it is telling me
that "here you will find some cool documentation". But if we name it:

  |-> Documentation
  '-> Tutorials

It should say that "here you can get some help". Maybe I am
wrong, but
this is some of the things I am looking at right now.

The ideas above are only some of the things that I am looking at right
now, but they are the major big parts that I would like to see more
discussions about on the lists. Take a look at the ideas and give me and
the others on the gimp-web list some feedback. And remember......they
are ideas to improve and help.

Niklas Mattisson <scizzoNOSPAM-at-gimp-dot-org>

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