> Then I began to port it and release 0.6.44 that is not fully clean and some
> points have not been ported yet. So if you have time and enogh knowledge it
> would help a lot.

I have modified the plug-in to compile against GIMP 2.0. You can start it 
already (Image -> Colors -> Adaptive Contrast, should maybe be moved to 
"Layer->Colors"), but it is not fully functional (for example, OK/Cancel 
buttons do not work, but the preview does). The changes I made are mostly 
autotools-related (mainly configure.in). I also removed the "intl" program 
from the distribution. I did not modify any internals, in case you want to 
restructure the plug-in further.

You can download the intermediate 0.6.45 version from:


What still needs to be done: The dialog handling (dialog.c) is deprecated. I 
marked the few lines I had to change to make the plug-in compile with 
"TODO" (2 occurrences in dialog.c). You would now use "gimp_dialog_run" to 
present the dialog (take for example "gimp-2.0.2/plug-ins/common/mblur.c" to 
see how it should be done) and check for GTK_RESPONSE_OK.

gimp_ace.c: gimp_plugin_help_register has changed. I don't know what you want 
to do with the call (make a web-page for the project etc.), or what you 
should point to (e.g., on-disk HTML documentation). It is commented out for 
now and also marked with "TODO". (There is also another occurrence of "TODO", 
namely in glaceG.c, but I did not add that, so apart from this, grepping for 
"TODO" should lead directly to the relevant places.)

I think you now have a pretty solid basis to work on (because the necessary 
infrastructure is there), but please feel free to e-mail me in case you need 
further assistance with enhancing the plug-in. Good luck.

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