Bryan Ford <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Dear GIMP developers,
> I'm soliciting feedback, discussion, and hopefully ultimately
> support for a very simple proposal that I've written up in
> preliminary form at this page:
>       http://www.brynosaurus.com/cachedir/

I don't think the .thumbnails directory can be considered ephemeral or
otherwise regenerable content. Regenerating all thumbnails can be very
difficult and time-consuming. The original data might be on removable
media and even if all the images are on disk you certainly don't want
to go through the hassle of regenerating them all since you will most
probably need a number of different applications to do that. I suggest
that you change your proposal so that it explicitely states that the
.thumbnails directory should _not_ be tagged as a cache directory.

Since GIMP doesn't put swap files into a dedicated directory your
proposal will also not work for GIMP swap files (which are admittedly
not worth to be archived).

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