Hi all,

So as I was saying on gimp-user, we have had a really good chat
about this now, but it seems that we are still unclear about what
we hope to do in the area of colour management between now and

Who is prepared to put some time (perhaps a lot) into
implementing this?

What exactly would they implement?

There seem to be 2 solid propositions coming out of the
discussions, which agree on a number of points.

The points of agreement are:

1) Color management should be disablable.
2) The monitor's profile should be applied to the projected image
as a last step before displaying.

The monitor profile could also be applied pretty much everywhere
that the GIMP exposes colour in its interface.

The two propositions are (or seem to be):

1) Apply embedded profiles (after prompting the user whether they
would like to do that) at load time, or attach the profile to the
image at load time and use the raw image data, assuming that sRGB
(or some other colourspace) is the internal colourspace all the

2) Allow the user to set the internal colourspace, and warn when
an attached colourspace does not match the current internal one,
allowing the user to either apply the profile to convert to the
current colourspace, set the internal colourspace to the new one,
or not use the colour profile for the image.

I was talking to Sven on IRC, and he seemed to believe that
neither of these would be done for 2.2, and that only the
infrastructure which would allow these to be done easily
post-2.2 (when we hope to have higher bitdepths internally for
image data). At least, that's what I think he said, but I didn't
really follow.

So - back to the essential - who, what (and when)? :-) 


        David Neary,
        Lyon, France
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