David Neary <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> The two propositions are (or seem to be):
> 1) Apply embedded profiles (after prompting the user whether they
> would like to do that) at load time, or attach the profile to the
> image at load time and use the raw image data, assuming that sRGB
> (or some other colourspace) is the internal colourspace all the
> time.
> 2) Allow the user to set the internal colourspace, and warn when
> an attached colourspace does not match the current internal one,
> allowing the user to either apply the profile to convert to the
> current colourspace, set the internal colourspace to the new one,
> or not use the colour profile for the image.

I don't see how (2) could work without adding color management
throughout the application and most plug-ins. This is certainly a goal
for the time with GEGL but nothing that we should target for 2.2.

It seems to me that (1) is the best solution for now. I propose
however that we keep most of this functionality in a color-management
plug-in. Such a plug-in would offer to apply color profiles and to
change the color profile attached to an image. Combined with a color
display filter to handle the monitor profile this would keep the lcms
dependency to a few defined places and would still allow us to add
some basic color management. This should allow us to collect some
experiences in this new area. Experience that should help us to get
color management right in GEGL.
> I was talking to Sven on IRC, and he seemed to believe that neither
> of these would be done for 2.2, and that only the infrastructure
> which would allow these to be done easily post-2.2 (when we hope to
> have higher bitdepths internally for image data). At least, that's
> what I think he said, but I didn't really follow.

I think that we should focus on adding the API that is needed to
implement some basic but useful color management in plug-ins and
modules. Whether this means that 2.2 will include these plug-ins and
modules or if they will be developed separately (and perhaps even
after 2.2 is released) remains to be seen.

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