I hope that the summarize of the first meeting on GUADEC 5 isn't to
Topic: GimpCon status - first meeting

Present: Sven Neumann (neo), Tor Lillqist (tml), David Odin (dindix),
Dave Neary (bolsh), Roman Joost (romanofski), Simon Budig (nomis),
Niklas Mattisson (scizzo), Øyvind Kolås (pippin), Larry Lewing (lewing),
Kenneth Wimer, Nathan Summers (rockwlrs), Carol Spears (carol), Manish
Singh (yosh), Ville Pätsi (drc), Vidar Madsen (vidar), Jakup Steiner
(jimmac), Tuomas Kuosmanen (tigert)

The GIMP Foundation

    Dave Neary first purposed to talk about the GIMP Foundation. The
    problem is, that Daniel Rogers doesn't want to be responsible for
    the foundation topic anymore. We discussed the pros and cons about
    having our own GIMP foundation or the GNOME foundation is covering
    the responsibilities.
    If we want to have our own GIMP Foundation, the problem is to have
    at least one person who can work fulltime with the Foundation.
    Therefore, we discovered two problems:
        1. We need to have money to pay one person who is actually in
        charge of the foundation issues/topics.
        2. We need one person, who want to take this burden and can
        actually deal with bureaucracy and political issues/topic.
        3. It would probably be better to pay a fulltime developer

    We came to the point that we think, that the GNOME Foundation can
    address these kind of issues and topics very well. That is, why the
    proposal leads towards continuing to use the GNOME Foundation.

The GIMP Website

    First we discussed the status of the BETA server, which is
    maintained by yosh. Yosh needs time to solve the outstanding
    problems. Afterall, we discussed about moving the CVS of the website
    to BETA or leave it in the GNOME repository. This is up to the gimp
    webteam to decide, if the repository is going to stay on the gnome
    CVS server or if it should be moved to BETA. 

    We discussed who is acting like a project leader of the web team.
    Many discussions were made about which person will take this role.
    We proposed Niklas Mattisson (scizzo) to be the project leader of
    the web team, but it's up to the gimp webteam itself to make a final
    decision. This will be discussed further on the developer
    mailinglist, to have comments from other developers.

    Roman talked about the current status of the gimp documentation project.
    He informed about the issues the project has currently and how
    to address them. One issue is the lack of communication
    between the writers, which the new mailinglist should address.
    The second problem is the lack of writers, where jimmac proposed,
    that in the user point of view, hacking XML content is really
    difficult. We discussed some solutions like having a better gimp
    help browser, where the user can edit the current content [1].
    Another proposal was a XML WIKI roundtrip. In any case, Tuomas
    pointed out, that having more documentation writers are better than
    developing new tools or implementing functionality which takes much
    time. We came to the conclusion to ask the GNOME
    docwriters for help and Kenneth Wimer from SuSE offered help from
    the SuSE documentation team. Also, we concluded to have some proof
    readers, who gets an information mail if something changed which
    should be proof readed.

[1] - Help Mono Project

Roman Joost
www: http://www.romanofski.de

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