Joseph Heled wrote:
I would like to "attach" to the image some of the parameters of the conversion.

The GIMP uses a mechanism we call parasites to attach data to an image. A good example of their use is in the jpg plug-in, for example, where we attach exif data, a comment and also save parameters. A complete list of "standard" parasites, and a short description of teh parasite mechanism, is in devel-docs in the GIMP sources.

I am not sure ,
- How do I add this info to the image (I open it with gimp_image_new(...) )
- Which file formats support this kind of comment/data?

png, tiff, jpg all support exif, iptc is supported by tiff and jpeg as well, there are lots of other metadata formats which are supported by various formats. I'm not quite sure.

On a related issue, how can I add EXIF data to the image? Perhaps I can add some
data in the EXIF comment?

We link to libexif already, and use it in the jpeg plug-in. You can construct an exif header and write it to a file in the same way as we write the exif header back to the file now.

libexif is available here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/libexif


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