Markus Triska <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> this is a trivial plug-in that implements one single call:
> file-get-type <path>
> returning the type of the entity pointed to by 'path' (currently
> only: 0 = directory, 1 = file). (Symbolic constants like
> TYPE-DIRECTORY or such should be added if this is included.)
> I'm also attaching a script that recursively traverses a given
> directory and returns a list of path names to (exclusively) regular
> files that are located inside this directory or any of its
> sub-directories for further processing.  Try with
> (all-files "/home/yourname/testdir")
> on the Script-FU console, where "testdir" is a directory containing
> a few directories and files, NOT a few thousands (can cause problems
> on the console).
> I'm giving this another shot (after bug #145370, taking your
> feedback into account - TinyScheme currently lacks a similar
> feature), because it seems to me that batch-processing is the single
> most often asked issue on the comp.graphics.apps.gimp NG, and it
> would be great if we could just give people a script similar to the
> sample I'm attaching, tell them to copy it to ~/.gimpXY/scripts/ and
> let's rock, without the need to download and compile a separate
> plug-in. After the transition to TinyScheme, they would simply type:
> gimp -c -i -b "(map my-specialized-conversion (all-files "allmypictures"))"
> no matter which platform they are on.

Your script is certainly useful for users of GIMP 2.0 but I don't want
to see such functionality being added to the main trunk for the
following reason: The plug-in attempts to fix a problem in Script-Fu.
All other languages that you could use to write a GIMP script or
plug-in don't have this problem as they already offer the
functionality provided by your plug-in. The problem should therefore
not be fixed by adding a plug-in but by fixing Script-Fu.

Alternatively to fixing Script-Fu, a replacement for Script-Fu should
be found. Kevin is working on Tiny-Fu and I hope that Tiny-Fu will be
ready for GIMP 2.2 thus fixing this problem for us.

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