Given that some less used file formats have been removed in recently
releases on the basis of less code to maintain and less general clutter I
suggested that the old Toys be removed from the Gimp for version 2.2.  To
my surprise Mitch rejected the idea (without much explanation), Adam who
wrote the toys didn't seem to think it was a terrible idea so I'm asking
onlist to try and get a second opinion.

If toys like Gee-Zoom were built on top of a useful plugin (eg some sort
of a kaleidescope plugin for example) I wouldn't even be asking but they
toy are not useful at all sso users are just presented with eye-candy and
left wondering how they can get that effect on their actual image but they

If you still reject the idea I would ask you to keep the toys in mind when
it comes to menu reorganisation.  (Wiki is still down otherwise I'd add
this to the menu reorganisation document we had there).
The Gnome HIG recommends:
Do not create submenus with fewer than three items, unless the items are
added dynamically (for example the File->New Tab submenu in

- Alan
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