Im wondering, how powerfull is the plugin variations from photoshop. 
Its really usefull for face drawing. (My friend have showed it to me.
And equally I have a video tutorial of this)
How its accessible from the menu:
How it is look like:

I have searching something similare in the Gimp, 
I have found a plugin what have similar interface:
Filters->colors->filter pack

I have created a test image:
I have launched the variation plugin, and clicked only at the 'More
Yellow' thumbnail.
Here is the sequence of this:
And the first 'more green' result:

The plugin operate with the layer effect in mode 'color'.(I suppose)
I have followed the 'More yellow' process. 
(the variationYellow images)
The process of gray color:
On the original picture:
R: 65%, G:65%, B:65% (a7a7a7)
1. step (More Yellow)
 R: 68%, G:76%, B:47% (aec279)
2. step
 R: 73%, G:85%, B:19% (bbd930)
3. step
 R: 80%, G:85%, B:9% (cdda18)
4. step
 R: 90%, G:95%, B:0% (e6f200)
5. step
 R: 96%, G:98%, B:0% (f4fb00)
6. step
 R: 98%, G:99%, B:0% (fafd00)
7. step
 R: 99%, G:100%, B:0% (fdfe00)
8. step
 R: 100%, G:100%, B:0% (fefe00)

I have written this in hope, perhaps if somebody is interessing of
writing this usefull plugin. What can I contribute? I can take many
photoshop's screenshot, and I can contribute results of test images.

Best regards, 

ps: sorry for my ugly english

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