Here is what I would do, and it wouldn't be very hard to code up: 

1) Make decompose attach a parasite called "decompose-info" to
   each layer it produces, specifying the type of decomposition 
   and listing the source layer and the layers that are created.

2) Split compose into two PDB functions, called "compose" and

   A) "Compose" would allow you to use any set of equal-sized
      grayscale layers to assemble into an RGB layer.  (One of
      the annoyances of "compose" now is that it only works on
      layers that were produced using "decompose".)

   B) "Recompose" would look for a "decompose-info" parasite in
      the active layer.  Not finding one, it would pop an error
      message and exit.  Finding one, it would use the information
      there to assemble an RGB layer, and substitute the result
      for the layer that was originally decomposed.  This could
      all happen automatically, without popping a dialog.

  -- Bill


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