FYI, Windows 2000 and XP both (partially) support variaties of hard and
symbolic links under NTFS in certain scenarios.  Then of course there are
also the half-ass implemented Windows shortcut files (*.lnk).  Finally,
software also exists that allows Windows to access a *nix based file system
where regular *nix style links might exist.  Depending on your exact needs
and purposes, I just thought those might be worth mentioning.  Don't believe
these impact your constants at all, but would hate to see link support
omitted for Windows if only due to lack of familiarity with these features.


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> Greetings, all.
> I want to define some constants related to file type for use in Tiny-Fu.
> current thinking is to use FILE_TYPE_FILE (0), FILE_TYPE_DIR (1), and
> FILE_TYPE_LINK (2). The last one being for *nix systems only. Are
> there  any other file types that should be handled (ie. nodes on *nix
> Comments?
> Cheers!
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