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javi palau wrote:
> Two questions:
> 1║ When i execute my plug-in for 2nd time, i'd like to configure the 
> parameters like the user introduce the first time. Is there any "gimp 
> memory" to save the values introduced by the user?

You can tell when a plug-in is re-run by testing the run mode
(parameter 0 of the input parameters of every plug-in). If it is
GIMP_RUN_WITH_LAST_VALS, the plug-in has been run with that menu
item, if it's run GIMP_RUN_INTERRACTIVE it has been run through a
menu entry.

The usual way that you get back last used values is to call 
gimp_set_data(plug_in_name, pointer_to_option_struct,

So the first thing that you can do after starting the plug-in is
to call 
gimp_get_data(plug_in_name, pointer_to_option_struct);

> 2║How i can know the language used by GIMP?. I've been searching in the 
> "gimprc" file, but i haven't found anything.

The GIMP is written in C, primarily, but you can write plug-ins
in any language which wraps libgimp (if it wraps gtk+ as well,
all the better). That currently includes perl, python and scheme
(script-fu), but there is no reason not to have others.

The gimprc file format is a readable serialisation of internal
configuration stuff, I don't think you could call it a language.


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