On Wednesday 21 July 2004 08:07 pm, Kevin Cozens wrote:

> This is just a taste of the possibilities for scripting in GIMP using
> Scheme based scripts with Tiny-Fu. What would you like to do today? :-)

Thank you for your explanation, Kevin. I was not aware of all the useful 
extensions you are incorporating into Tiny-Fu. I'm really looking forward to 
seeing (and implementing?) many scripts that will then become easy and, most 
of all, possible (it is now only a matter of time until someone implements 
all the functionality of GIMP in some Scheme script, oh wait - that's Emacs 

By the way: I favour the current convention (used throughout GIMP scripts) of 
parenthesizing [for example, instead of:

(let* (
         (dir-stream (open-dir-stream dir))

I write:

(let* ((dir-stream (open-dir-stream dir))

because it has become the de-facto standard for Scheme (also used in 
TinyScheme's "init.scm", in Emacs etc.) and it is recommended in all books 
and tutorials I could find in print and on the web, so apart from the fact 
that I use this style habitually by now, maybe sticking to it will help both 
newcomers (being accustomed to the style from the tutorials) and professional 
Lisp coders (having seen more braces, so to speak) to follow the code. It 
also saves many lines containing only ")" and thereby allows to grasp more 
code at once. Maybe you also find it advantageous (or even, more beautiful?) 
if you try it some day (well, it can't hurt to try both for some time and see 
which one is more appealing).

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