On Sat, Jul 17, 2004 at 01:40:16AM +0200, Niklas Mattisson wrote:
> New things:
> ------------
> * User-FAQ - This needs to be added to the website as soon as possible.
> I do not think we have problems with questions but problems with how to
> design the FAQ.
Yeah - i collected some questions because i thought about a FAQ in the
user manual. The website is the better place, so if you want to have my
docbook xmlised FAQ .... ;)

> * Documentation - Is needed to provide users and developers with the new
> documentation, we also need to have the different languages on the
> website. This should be able to be done by using some sort of script or
> buildsystem for the documentation. 
> Anyone that has any good ideas about how to do this in a really good way
> so that we can update it easily? 
> And so that the languages gets updated also? Maybe be able to update
> language by language also?
Yosh want to give me an account and i'll put the documentation
frequently on this one. This should solve the problem I guess...

> Website style:
> ---------------
> * Hidding submenus - The menu is starting to grow and it would be good
> to make it hide some of the submenus. As soon as you enter the main
> section of the link you click on, the submenus will appear. This might
> help a little in improving the view also to where you are in the menu.
> This idea also gives us a little problem, the menus need to be named in
> a way that is understandable and straightforward to the user. Example:
> Documentation
>   '-> Tutorials
> Having Documentation as the main section name is not really telling me
> that "here you can get a lot of different help" instead it is telling me
> that "here you will find some cool documentation". But if we name it:
> Help
>   |-> Documentation
>   '-> Tutorials
> It should say that "here you can get some help". Maybe I am
> wrong, but
> this is some of the things I am looking at right now.
Well.. i would assume that the "Help" menupoint gives me help if I'm
stuck in the website or need some to know what some words mean. I think
Documentation is the better main point. You can then specify which
documentation you mean:

        |-> Developer
        |-> User Manual
        '-> Tutorials

(or whatever fits better in the left menu)

Roman Joost
www: http://www.romanofski.de

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