One thing we decided at the GimpCon meeting was, we need more people who
proof read the manual. In that regard, I suggest we
make a little plan, when some people doing proof reading. I think it's a
bad idea to say something like: "Here is the manual, please keep proof
reading, even though it will be updated constantly".

I suggest we tell the proof readers, which pages they can proof read.
Those pages shouldn't change to much in the future. This applies at
least for the toolbox if I remember correctly.

The WIKI is up and I added a new table at the bottom of our project page
to know which one proof reads which language. Please feel free to add
you there, so we know which person to contact to proof read which
written content.

Another point which we're looking forward to, is some technical help
from SuSE. Kenneth Wilmer from SuSE was present at the first GIMP
meeting.  After GUADEC, Dave and I were spaeking with Kenneth and he
forwarded us to other SuSE people.  Actually, I'm looking forward to
work with the SuSE people, which will speed up the development of the
whole manual.

Roman Joost

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