This mail is for "translating" the Toolbox into German. I wasn't sure
how to translate the Toolbox to German for the manual. But
please, hold your breath and let me explain why.

I was digging a bit around in the net to find out, which word is more
used for the Toolbox: "Werkzeugfenster" or "Werkzeugkasten". The most
tutorials I found are using "Werkzeugkasten", even Sven uses
"Werkzeugkasten" in his book. But "Werkzeugfenster" is often more used
in forums, when people try to describe a problem and they aren't
familiar with The GIMP.

I spoke to Ellen to find out what she think. She said, that
"Werkzeugfenster" will be more descriptive. "Werkzeugkasten" is a bit
odd, because she have to think first, what I'm refering to. Thats
exactly my feeling. If I were a new user, "Werkzeugfenster" will be a more
descriptive word for the Toolbox than "Werkzeugkasten". But, maybe I'm
totally wrong and other may think of a completly different

So, what do you guys think: "Werkzeugfenster" or "Werkzeugkasten"?

Roman Joost

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