Re: Gimp
From: myrlyn68
If I were to go about creating a Game Master GIMP, I would focus on automating a number of the more commonly used tasks in the GIMP that would be used often with producing game art. Like I said in my thing would be the creation of alpha channels. As it stands right now, these can be somewhat arduous in the GIMP right now. However by including a few options and making color calculations within the editor - you can use a Wizard of sorts to create the alpha channel automatically.

The other areas would be tiling of textures as well as creating a few pallete tools to allow for faster creation of character skins and level textures. If I had to guess...all of these could be implemented in a month or so, given proper motivation.
I was wondering, if anyone would be interested in developing this.  Also what motivation it would take to make this happen. 

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