there are two problems that warrant doing a 2.0.4 release soonish.

One is a change in glib-2.4.4 that breaks opening files with non-ASCII
characters on file-systems which are not in UTF-8 encoding (bug #148484).
This will need to be fixed in glib and we expect a glib-2.4.5 release
any day now. I guess however that we will also have to do some changes
to our code (see bug #148140).

The other problem is that I messed up EXIF handling in the JPEG
plug-in when I backported a fix from the HEAD branch. See bug #148632
for more details).

OK, so while we are on it, we could as well attempt to fix one or two
of the other bugs remaining on the 2.0.4 milestone. These are:

  123888  PSD images gets wrong "modulo"
  128594  Rotating layer more wide than 16000 pixels causes problem
          on pixel higher than 16000
  129867  Sync regex files with latest GNU grep to pull in possible fixes
  136713  Select contiguous region in imagemap not fully functional yet.
  138103  unable to begin selection from absolute lower right hand corner
          of image
  141977  PDB layer name entry not checked.
  142074  Paste into 1x1 pixel image from buffer crashes GIMP 2.01
  148140  2.0 does not decode URLs dropped from DFM
  148601  Using "Paste from clipboard" causes the layer preview to get

So if you have some spare time, it would be nice if you could help to
fix some of these issues. You could also check Bugzilla if there are
other bugs in 2.0 that should have the target milestone set and should
thus appear in above list.


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