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Sven Neumann wrote:

I wrote this in an earlier mail already but perhaps you didn't notice,
so here's my question again:

Sorry, yes I did miss that...

 I wonder if we should add the separate plug-in to the GIMP tarball
 for GIMP 2.2. Would you like to see that happening?

I'd be delighted - though there are a few bugs I'd like to fix first!

If it's going to become semi-official, though, I guess some discussion is needed about various points:

1. Where in the menus it should live. Currently, my functions are in Image->Separate. The separation is, however, performed on the current layer, not the whole image. The separation functions themselves are really not much more than a colour-profile-aware version of the compose/decompose code that's there already, so maybe alongside those would be the best place. Alternatively, depending on how far we get with colour-management in general, a new top-level Colour Management menu might be a better option?

2. Should the saving function be left with the separation functions, or be moved into the TIFF plugin.

3. How about adding support to the TIFF plugin for loading CMYK images into individual greyscale layers, thus solving the biggest limitation that the separate plugin currently has, i.e. not being able to load its own images back in. (This would have to be an alternative option to converting the CMYK data to RGB using lcms, if we implement that, or using libtiff's own Everything->RGBA converter.)

Does anyone else want to bring up any further points?

Finally, a question: How is a plugin supposed to go about storing persistent data between sessions (i.e. in my case, the filenames of the profiles last used)?

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Alastair M. Robinson

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