The fourth public release of a tarball for the Tiny-Fu plug-in for GIMP
2.1.x is now available. This release contains a number of important bug
fixes and changes. If you are using a previous version, I strongly
recommend you update to this latest release.

With this release, the status of Tiny-Fu has been upgraded to Beta. The
testing of Tiny is ongoing and there are still a number of issues which
need to be dealt but this release is the most stable to date. I would
appreciate hearing from users of this plug-in reports of both successes
and especially failures. The reports will help in the testing of the

Changes since the July 22, 2004 release:
o Fixed error in allocation of memory used in handling PDB_*ARRAY types.
o Change to marshalling code to handle PDB calls which do not return a
o Added functions 'dir-rewind' and 'file-type' to tsx extension and
improved its portability by using routines from glib.
o Change to building of loadable extensions.
o Added constant DIR-SEPARATOR for use in building path names and
updated a couple of scripts to use it.

A number of other minor bug fixes and enhancements have also been made.
See the ChangeLog for further details.

To demonstrate some of the new capabilities of Tiny-Fu and its
extensions, I have added the first version of a script which will
generate contact sheets. The script uses features from both the re and
tsx extensions. The menu entry can be found under Tiny-Fu/Utils.

The script could use some cleanup and there are probably some useful
enhancements that can be made to it but it works. It will create a
series of .jpg files (named index1.jpg, index2.jpg, etc) of 1024x768
pixels each containing up to 36 images based on the contents of a user
selectable directory.

The latest Tiny-Fu tarball (which includes the contact sheet script) is
available from the web page at:

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