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> Well, the quick-and-dirty way of doing it would be to select a triangle
> shape and use the GIMP's fill function. :)

This is exactly what I want. For this I

#include <libgimp/gimpselection_pdb.h>   and
#include <libgimp/gimpedit_pdb.h>

Is there a drawback of this method or something else I should know (I found
 no "core" plug-in including a header ending "_pdb.h", but I guess this is
 because none uses this)?

> I'm afraid I don't see why there is a lack of locality here: each triangle
> to be filled indeed has locality.  Of course, if the triangle is
> sufficiently small, only one tile needs to be involved.

Yes, each triangle has locality and of course, the whole effect also has
locality (the drawable), but I meant locality with regards to tiles when
using a tile iterator: I see no easy method to set up a tile iterator and
iterate by some constant amount, because no matter how big I make that
amount, there are always cases where triangles will cross a tile
intersection. I did not look at the select and fill code, so I am not sure
(especially wrt anti-aliasing) if a triangle started on tile A can be
continued on tile B without visible jags. When I have the effect working, I
will try such things, but it is not that important for now.

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