>From: "Steve Siverling"
>            If I were to go about creating a Game Master GIMP, I would =
>focus on automating a number of the more commonly used tasks in the GIMP =
>that would be used often with producing game art. Like I said in my =
>example...one thing would be the creation of alpha channels.
[ ... ]
>            The other areas would be tiling of textures as well as =
>creating a few pallete tools to allow for faster creation of character =
>skins and level textures.

I would like to have the example mentioned and more if
anyone would like to create them. To save time, very plain list
of operations would do fine -- no need to write polished tutorials. 
We can work out any missing details later.

You may refer to existing game design tutorials found on the web
if you wish.

Are this kind of tools available for PhotoShop and equivalent
software? If yes, I would like to read the manuals of the tools.

I already know from one of the tutorial at http://www.leveldesigner.com
that the environment mapping may require a loop between the game engine
and the painting software. GIMP could feed the environment map
directly to the GPU texture memory with OpenGL. In the game the
change would be seen immediately --- maybe even when the painting
is in progress.

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